Intro: Zenodys IoT platform

Zenodys is a fully visual development platform for Industry 4.0.

We believe that the industry and developers loose enormous amounts of time on building IoT solutions. We want to radically change that. We visualize technologies to shorten development, implementation and maintenance cycles and to save companies time and money. With our platform we aim to find a perfect balance between simplicity and flexibility.

Zenodys architecture

The Zenodys platform contains:

  • Application environment with the Cloud development console (ZenoVisual) and Cloud dashboard builder for data visualizations (ZenoExperience)
  • Runtime environment (ZenoCore) for workflow execution that runs natively on Windows and Linux systems and gateways

In a typical IoT project you develop logic (workflows) in the Cloud development console (ZenoVisual), push workflows and execute them in a runtime environment (ZenoCore) and set up dashboards to visualize the received data for the end user (ZenoExperience).

The application and the runtime environment can run on the same instance (private) or as edge-cloud architecture. Regarding the architecture, you can communicate with your own or third-party applications, APIs, devices, sensors and many more.

Additional features


Every project template in ZenoVisual can contain different Views. Views can then be assigned to different users where each user gets his/her own isolated View. For example: one user works on API communication and the other one on hardware communication. Both can use their own runtime environment (on different gateways) to test the application and after the project is finished it can be merged on a single gateway.

Visual Debugging

With visual debugging you can visually inspect the values of elements and the state of workflow. No matter if you communicate with APIs, new IoT devices or old legacy industrial machines, the "visual breakpoint" will stop the workflow, so that you can inspect current machine or API values.


Zenodys visualizes physical and virtual components, called Elements. In ZenoVisual you can find many elements, but you can also write your own in the C# code and connect it with existing elements. In addition, you can call functions from your existing native c libraries, right from visual elements.


Template: a project created in the Cloud development console (ZenoVisual). Templates may contain different workplaces called Views.

View: a workplace where workflows are created. Workflows are programming rules, made by Elements and their interconnections.

Element: a basic part that may represent a device, service or have a special function. Elements are represented as icons in the Cloud development console (ZenoVisual).